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The INsite team includes a staff of respected architects, designers, project managers and administrators. This multicultural group has designed high-profile projects both domestically and internationally, and includes members who are fluent in Spanish.

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About Cathy…

From the inception of INsite Architecture, Cathy Flamenco has worked with dedication to excellence and attention to detail to develop the company’s administrative and accounting structure.  Cathy’s team work approach and consideration of others has made her an important and vital component of the INsite team.  As the Chief Financial Officer of the company, she oversees the majority of the business issues that arise from every financial aspect.  Managing the well being of the INsite team, she ensures that the benefits provided to the team are equitable and above the market standards.  Cathy also collaborates with ongoing marketing strategies for INsite.  She helps lead several of the challenges and extracurricular activities that the INsite team sets as their goals to accomplish, from corporate retreats to fundraising events.

In her personal time, Cathy volunteers in her local church, community and internationally participating in medical missions to Guatemala using her Spanish to interpret as a non-medical support volunteer.  Cathy enjoys tennis, sailing with her father in his 1968 14-foot handmade sailboat, being active outdoors and reading.  Antonio and Cathy also enjoy spending time with their 3 grown daughters, extended family and friends.

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