Intern’s Design Awarded 1st Runner Up

INsite Architecture’s Interior Design intern, Rebeka Flamenco and a team of Interior Design students from The Art Institute of Houston entered AIA Houston Chapter’s 5th Annual Gingerbread Build-Off on Saturday December 14, 2013. With over 30 competing teams, their interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Falling Water won 1st runner-up!


Basic building materials provided by AIA were two 24”x36” sheets of gingerbread and 2lbs of icing. The foundation of the house was constructed with two large pans of Rice Krispy Treat and Graham Crackers.


To support the first floor and lower deck of the house Rice Krispy Rocks were formed on the outer ledges and in the center of the gingerbread foundation.  The second deck and floor were supported by gingerbread columns and a rear gingerbread wall, which were the main bearing walls. The walls were joined and reinforced with Marshmallow Puff and icing was used to stabilize the second floor.  The iced graham cracker roof was braced by graham cracker side walls to create a lighter and secure load on the top of the structure. On the west side of the house the stair-case was constructed with gingerbread and covered in Choco-rocks and supported by Rice Krispy.


After the structure was stabilized the exterior walls were glazed with white icing and Coconut icicles were adhered to the bottom edge of the walls. Once the house was iced, Graham Crackers were laid down for the flooring of the house and sifted with snow (baking soda). The landscape was iced with white icing and then sifted with snow (baking powder). Flowing from beneath the house is the Air Head River surrounded by Gum Drop and Rice Krispy “rocks”.


This 490 square inch edible version of Falling Water cost roughly $160 or $3.06 per square inch to build.  What a sweet deal!!!

ABC 13 Photos of Contestants

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