Passion. Ideas. Legacy.



At INsite Architecture, we approach each project with a passion for exceptional design. To achieve this goal, we constantly strive to develop new ideas – innovative approaches that meld refined aesthetics with sound business solutions. Our ultimate goal is to leave a legacy of exceptional work that enhances the lives of those who experience it.


Antonio Flamenco


Antonio Flamenco founded INsite Architecture in 2000. From the beginning of his architectural career, he has been associated with innovative, successful and award-winning design projects from coast-to-coast. Today, Antonio is regarded as a national leader in architecture and land planning. His unique ability to understand development patterns combined with his thorough knowledge of architecture has produced successful projects that make communities and buildings better places to live, work and recreate.

Chrystal Cole


Joining the INsite team in June 2011, Chrystal brings with her experience on a variety of projects from hospitals, educational facility, conference centers, ecclesiastical buildings, commercial projects and custom home designs. She has been involved in all stages of design process, from schematic design to construction observation. Chrystal’s keen sense of design and understanding building trends has helped elevate the design of many projects and has made her an invaluable team member. She has a well-rounded portfolio that includes a wide range of projects and client types from large scale complex commercial buildings to small remodel projects. Her focus is on creating connection of community through architecture and planning work.

Cathy Flamenco

With dedication to excellence and attention to detail developing the company’s administrative and accounting structure from it’s inception, Cathy’s team work approach and consideration of others has made her an important and vital component of the INsite team. She oversees the majority of business issues from finance, and marketing to managing the well-being of the INsite team.

The design of the INsite Architecture studio began with a question:

What do we want to happen here?


Architecture and Planning services begin with collaboration, communication, fresh ideas – led us to create our work space. We have integrated an open office concept with cutting edge technology to help us work faster and communicate better. The abundance of natural light and the beautiful view of nature provides a boost in employee wellness, production and creativity. The stark modern exterior is juxtaposed by the warm wood tones of the interior creates a comforting environment to work in. The exposed structure allows us to explain building systems to clients while maintaining an urban style.

INsite Architecture, Inc.

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