Designing High-End Town Centers for Suburban Areas

by Design

The New Trend

Despite the gentrification of downtown areas gaining in population, suburban areas are still growing at a very high rate.   As the urban sprawl continues to stretch, developers are creating town centers to capture the local sales of communities.  Typical indoor malls are being replaced with these outdoor lifestyle retail centers that are surrounded by parks, big box retail, and denser residential areas.

Changing Everyday Living

Our firm has helped create one of these suburban town centers here in Cypress, Texas.  The Boardwalk at Towne Lake nestled within a suburban community is located only a few miles from the highway creating a place for community.  The Boardwalk has changed everyday living by offering the convenience of well-known and popular restaurants within walking distance from the neighborhood.  Guest can arrive by bike, car, boat or just by walking down from the offices located on the second floor. From there they can enjoy the lakeside green space and the convenience of stores such as, Orange Theory, Torchy’s Taco, World of Beer, Royal Standard, Mod Pizza and many others.  The developer and leasing agency, Caldwell Companies, is also about to launch the opening of Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen, Coco Crepes, and The Union Kitchen.  The final stages of construction for the last building of the development will be complete in late 2019.

Key Aspects of a Lifestyle Center

As we embark on the beginning stages of design for yet another suburban Town Center near Richmond, Texas for a different developer, we wanted to reflect on key aspects that make lifestyle centers viable and successful.  Through experience and research, we have developed a matrix to create a viable and popular town center that includes square footage, types, percentage of office, retail, restaurants, residential space, open community space, artwork, and trending events.  For this upcoming project we have already analyzed several aspects such as event schedules, key retailers and public community spaces that will play a vital role in the successfulness of the town center to attract community members of all ages.  As architects, we aim to make a significant positive impact on the way people live and interact.  We are excited to be a part of projects that are and will be an asset to the community nearby and those who will travel to experience it.

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