Building Envelope Technology-Preventing Water Leaks at Critical Joints

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Through-Wall Flashing

The INsite team is always eager to learn about the newest and best materials available to ensure our clients are always receiving the highest quality products, especially when it comes to water intrusion barriers. Recently York Flashings gave a presentation on Through-Wall Flashing Compatibility and Sustainability regarding their products that are made here in the USA: 

The York 304

The York 304 has been designed with a flexible 2 mil sheet type 304 stainless steel, 8 mils of butyl adhesive and a siliconized release liner. This self-adhering metal flashing also offers the best in class puncture and tear resistance, which is critical where bricks are being installed. This product is compatible with a majority of air barriers, sealants, insulations, below grade waterproofing and roofing membranes, which makes a terrific transition flashing on a variety of different project we have on the boards. This product also has an excellent bond to a variety of substrates like OSB, exterior gypsum, plywood, concrete, metals and air barrier materials.

The Multi-Flash SS

The Multi-Flash SS is a full, single sheet of 304 stainless steel bonded on one side to a layer of polymeric fabric. Some key properties of Multi-Flash SS offer a life of the wall warranty, less lap joints, made of 60% recycled materials and is best in class puncture and tensile to survive the rigors of the jobsite.

Water intrusion prevention is important on all buildings. Through-wall flashings are the first barrier at the critical joints, material changes and openings on any building.  We always make sure we are specifying the best products for our clients and their investments.

Information and photos provided by the manufacture.

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